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Unique products developed to improve the uptime of ATM sites and for better control and remote monitoring of multiple ATM locations is a boon for third party site operators and ensuring higher customer satisfaction while optimizing costs.


Eager Power Solutions is a preferred supplier of power back up and power conditioning products by all leading CNC manufacturers in India. We offer exclusive products for meeting the requirements of OEM's.


Eager Power Solutions offers unique and versatile power back up products that operate with electricity or solar to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operations of petrol pumps.


Tailormade power back up products to ensure operations of lifts and escalators even during times of power cuts. ELOS provides a green and low cost alternative to diesel gensets and can also be powered by solar (optional).


Eager Power Solutions has a range of higher capacity power back up and power conditioning products that are suitable to be used in malls and retail stores to ensure uninterrupted operations, convenience and comfort of shoppers.


Eager Power Solutions offers large inverters, solar products and ELOS for the hospitality sector. Large inverters are used for emergency lighting of the premises and security systems.


Eager Power Solutions offers standard and customized products for manufacturing facilities. It also offers unique products like energy conservators for lighting of manufacturing facilities which ensures that not only are manufacturing lines operating uninterrupted but also energy consumption is optimum


Eager Power Solutions has developed exclusive power back up and power conditioning products and solutions to meet the needs of large corporate houses and rolled them across all their locations in India. Eager Power Solutions over the years developed special solutions for emergency lighting, lifts, green energy, network and data centre back up.


Eager Power Solutions has over the last 30 years worked with various govt departments and organizations to develop tailor made products and solutions for their power back up and conditioning requirements. This has included projects of national importance with DRDO, ISRO and public health through the NRHM in rolling out solar powered back up solutions for vaccine coolers.


A range of UPS, Inverters and solar power products are manufactured by Eager Power Solutions to meet the needs of the SOHO segment.


Eager Power Solutions offers green energy options for schools and colleges to provide back up for class room projectors, lights, PA systems as well as lighting in hostels and kitchens.


Over 80% of the hospitals in India today have a Eager Power Solutions product being used to protect and provide emergency power back up medical equipment like MRI machines, PET / CT Scan, Incubators Dialysis Equipments, Cathlab Equipments, Operation Theatre Lights among others.


The ITES industry places a premium on continous and uninterrupted connectivity and Eager Power Solutions products have been ensuring seamless connectivity for leading ITES companies in India.

About Eager Power Solutions

Eager Power Solutions was established in 1995, with a focus on providing power conditioning solutions for IT industries and automations functioning in unreliable raw utility power supply. Eager Power Solutions understood nerve of the market and spread its products and services north south east west.


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