IORA 3000

The IORA 3000 Active Harmonic Filter is a state of the art harmonic filter, which measures level of current harmonic in the supply line and eliminates it by generating the counter harmonics, in real time. The IORA 3000 is available upto 600 Amps rating which, is the highest in the world.

Features & Benefits
  1. Modular construction, most unique design concept
  2. Based on Floating point 32 bit DSP
  3. Selective harmonic elimination methods. CT can be connected in load as well as in source
  4. Works upto 690 VAC (Optional)
  5. Ethernet based Remote monitoring and 7 inch SVGA touch screen display
  6. Lower audible noise
  7. Compact in size
  8. Compliant to protection up to IP 51 (Optional)
  9. Internal CAN communication
  10. Employs high speed IGBTs in power circuit
  11. Closed loop active filter with source current sensing
  12. High attenuation up to 96% of individual harmonics
  13. Programmable selective harmonic elimination
  14. PF compensation, leading as well as lagging
  15. Load balancing
  16. Helps in achieving the compliance with power quality regulations like IEEE 519
  17. IEC/EN 62040-2 category C3
Technical Specifications

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