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    Batteries & UPS
    Buy Your Trusted Brand Battery
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    All Leading Brands
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    All Solar Products
    Eco friendly.
    Saves precious energy .
    Round the clock service support.
    Long term savings on power costs.
    Low maintenance and high durability.
    Adds value and premium to the property in the market.
    Reliable supply of electricity that insulates you from power failures.
    Can be upgraded in the future with minimum modifications to increase power capacity.
    High quality power delivered at constant frequency and voltage that protects your expensive gadgets and appliances.
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    All Brands UPS
    Pure Sine Wave Output
    Compact & rugged design combined with elegant looks.
    Better protection to safeguard the UPS from external effects.
    Constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery
    Quick Charging Technology enables fast recharging of battery in areas prone to frequent power cuts

About Us

Eager Power Solutions believes in influencing and improving the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to people all the time. With innovative engineering, research and design, we have grown with partnerships and information sharing with world leaders.

We are committed towards latest generation technologies by developing and manufacturing globally competitive, customer focused products of world class quality and responsibly introducing these products into relevant markets.

We mainly deal with batteries for all automobiles, UPS, Inverters, Industrial and other purposes, including sales and service of UPS both for Domestic household applications and Commercial applications.

Our Services

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Inverter and Batteries

Electric power can be stored and get backup to batteries by inverter. These power can be applied in various pusposes.

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Online UPS

For business environments, Many computer servers need large power backup. where UPS power backup system must be implemented.

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Solar Power Systems

Bring home the Sun and start saving today!! Investing in solar power system gives you freedom from steep power bills and constant power cuts.

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Our support for your business growth

We Eager Power Solutions will provide wide range of products on multi-brand batteries and inverters. Provide best quality UPS system for small and large scale buisness environment. We also deal with RO water purifier system for both domestic and commercial purpose.

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We give proper guidence while selecting product and give multiple options with exact calculations
Features Plans
Unique products developed to improve the uptime of ATM sites and for better control and remote monitoring of multiple ATM locations is a boon for third party site operators and ensuring higher customer satisfaction while optimizing costs.
Petrol Bunks Malls & Retails

About Eager Power Solutions

Eager Power Solutions was established in 1995, with a focus on providing power conditioning solutions for IT industries and automations functioning in unreliable raw utility power supply. Eager Power Solutions understood nerve of the market and spread its products and services north south east west.


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